16 janeiro 2010

Sporting: CLAQUES DE NOVO JUNTAS... EM ALVALADE - Sportinguistas criam petição

Petição para a união das 3 claques oficiais do Sporting no mesmo sector

Encontra-se a decorrer na internet uma petição para sensibilizar as claques oficiais do Sporting Clube de Portugal, Juventude Leonina, Directivo Ultra XXI e Torcida Verde para a importância de se localizarem no mesmo sector do Estádio de Alvalade... LER MAIS.

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HC Braga: CURVA AZUL - Best of 2009

Escócia: FIM DO MOVIMENTO ULTRA EM ABERDEEN - Dissolução dos Red Ultras

We are sad to announce that as of Tuesday 5th January 2010 the Aberdeen Red Ultras have ceased to exist.

The Red Ultras were set up in 1999 by a group of supporters who wished to bring colour and atmosphere to games involving our beloved Aberdeen Football Club. It has not been easy to do this within the safety climate that currently exists in Scottish Football and mistakes have been made during this time. The pictures that will remain on this site are testament however to all of our members hard work over the years and will remain as a reminder to all what can be acheived if you truly believe in your cause. We are forever grateful for for the dedication and passion our members have displayed and we will continue to share a bond of friendship that will never end.

We would like to take this opportunity thank you all at Aberdeen FC who have assisted and the Aberdeen supporters in general who gave us great support during these years, we appreciate your support more than you ever knew.

The Red Ultras are no more however we must be happy with what we have achieved, we did it for the team we love and that love will continue regardless of what the future holds.

The website and galleries will remain accessible for the next few months should you wish to save any images.

Stood Free 1999-2010
Scotlands #1

13 janeiro 2010

G12: IDENTIDADE ULTRAS "CLUBES" - Novos links! [1]

IDENTIDADE ULTRAS - Clubes (Novidade)




... Outros clubes (Brevemente)

FC Porto: COLECTIVO ULTRAS 95 - 15 anos